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Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Management Service

Are you taking advantage of social media marketing or looking for a social media management company to promote your brand on the social networks?

By actively engaging in social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin you will instantly gain a huge advantage over your competitors that are not utilising the power of social media. You’ll also be able to increase your perceived industry authority in comparison and enhance your trust worthiness to new customers.

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Content writing and scheduling service for social media management clients

Here at Website Design Works social media management department we are experts at everything that is social media. We keep up with trends and technology in the industry and understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging – so you don’t have to.

We’ll make sure your social media feeds are buzzing with activity that’s positive for your business all week, every week. We try to keep it engaging while informing people about your business and promoting your brand or services. We’ll also research and post (or tweet) facts, tips and trivia about your industry. We learn as much as we can about your business to ensure the information we use is the best way to promote you on social media networks.

Don’t forget that you can post too! We highly encourage our social media clients to post as often as they like, with the things that we can’t. What new contracts have you taken on today? Does a sale start tonight? Simply log in and schedule the items in our easy to use control panel.

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We create and manage Facebook business pages that work

Facebook Business Page

We will create or manage your social media on Facebook for your business


We create and manage Twitter business pages that work

Twitter Business Page

We will create or manage your social media on Twitter for your business


We create and manage Linkedin profiles that work for your business

Linkedin Profile

We will create or manage your Linkedin profile for your business


We create and manage Youtube Channels for business that work

Youtube Channel

We will create or manage your Youtube channel for your business

Our Social Media Management Service

Benefits of  social media:

  • Improve your websites conversion rate
  • Brand recognition and repeat exposure
  • Getting ahead of your competitors
  • Growing your marketing power
Our social media management service will help you improve your website conversions and you will see an increase in your website conversion rates. The amount of website traffic or site visitors compared to the number of customer sales you get is called conversions, if you monitor this before and after having our social media service you will see it improve. People are re- assured by the presence of  regularly updated social media accounts . It shows professionalism and clearly displays that you are current and open for business.
Our social media marketing will improve your brand recognition.Your social media followers are in an environment they are comfortable in. This is the best place for you to put your brand and have them take notice of it. It traditional advertising a potential customer has to see your advert seven times before taking any action on it. This is your opportunity to get your brand noticed by taking advantage of our services.
Get ahead of your competitors by using social media, most of your competitors will not be doing a good job of using social media to their advantage, this is your chance to race ahead. If they are engaging well in the social networks then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your potential customers to your competitors websites.
Grow your marketing with social media. As your followers increase on the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, your marketing power increases. Initially the SEO benefits of social media are all that you are interested in, but over time you’ll gain a loyal following. You can then market to those potential customers at any time – at no additional cost. The more followers or likes you have – the more people want to join in and get involved. It’s called the crowd effect, people always want to see what the crowd is interested in, and they join the crowd!
Getting more traffic to your website with the power of social media marketing, as your social media campaign grows and matures you will also see more and more direct traffic to your website from the social networks.
When Using social media for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes Google has placed more and more prominence in what are commonly referred to as “social signals”. Your social media marketing campaign will tick a lot of boxes for Google but we’ve found the very best way to get an SEO beefit from your social media campaign is to embed your Twitter feed into the homepage of your website. This constantly change text is just the type of thing that pushes Google’s buttons and can help propel your website up the rankings, resulting in more visitors and more sales. We can help embed the feed into your site.

Why Choose Us for social media

      • Facebook page experts – we know how people connect
      • Twitter experts – We know how to #Hashtag and Tweet
      • We have developed social media for loads of clients
      • We offer FREE social media management tools
      • We offer free advice because we care about your business as much as you do.

What our social media Client’s Say

I’m very pleased with my social media management service so far, I have gained some new followers and the content I have posted seems to get good comments. I won’t hesitate to recommend.
Lucas, Printers
I asked Website Design Works to create and manage a Facebook page for me so I could showcase my vehicles for sale. Their work and customer service has been excellent.
Mr. Higham, Car Sales
Let me say something. You have an amazing team of talented people, you have created a brand for me on social media that is now driving customers to my website. Happy customer who will recommend your services.
Mr. Jordan, Automotive Glass Replacement